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‘Saturday Night Live’ Hits Season Highs With Justin Timberlake

Despite never having been a Saturday Night Live cast member, Steve Martin is synonymous with the sketch show. Comedians know how to take turns, and most importantly, give other people the chance to steal the scene. You have to wonder if, when Steve Martin and Dan Aykroyd first donned their matching hats, plaid pants, and perfected their Czech accent, they knew they were creating iconic characters. They misuse American pop culture catch phrases and attempt to woo women, all while rocking a gold chain and wiggling around.

The audience still lost their minds when the wild and crazy guys showed up.

Mar 11, – Jimmy Fallon & Justin Timberlake for GQ’s December/Men of the Year issue Justin Timberlake’s Dating Dos & Don’ts. He has killer :​Totally my guy crush Jimmy Fallon: Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Jimmy, Snl, Jimmy Fallon tells Savannah Guthrie on the TODAY show that he and wife Nancy had an.

Our favorite ‘ SNL ‘ host returns! Justin Timberlake hosts and is the musical guest! How often do hosts show up in the opening skit? Timberlake does a goofy, cartoonish Elton John impression, but it’s his dedication to the character and his charisma that sell the hell out of it. Timberlake is seriously one of the best hosts in this show’s history, and this is a pretty exciting opening. He’s grown up so fast! I’ll give you a moment to dry your eyes. For his opening, Timberlake is welcomed to the five-timers club by Paul Simon holy crap , a too-smooth Steve Martin, and Dan Aykroyd — the latter of which is an original cast member but only hosted once, so he’s relegated to tending bar.

The Kristen Wiig “Gilly” cocktail is a nice touch. Chevy Chase also stops by, seemingly slightly more awake than he is on the set of ‘Community,’ and Martin Short pops in with some hors d’ouevres, at which point Timberlake realizes he’s standing next to ‘The Three Amigos. The guys give us a little riff on the Mandingo fights from ‘Django Unchained,’ and then — yes, there’s more!

Man, what a line-up.

Watch Justin Timberlake on Saturday Night Live

Dirk Ellington….. Bill Hader Judy Peterman….. Vanessa Bayer Bachelor 1….. Bobby Moynihan Singer 1….. Andy Samberg Singer 2….. Justin Timberlake Yortuk Festrunk…..

Check out SNL’s sketch below, featuring Andy Samberg, Dan and Emmy Award-winning Justin Timberlake returned to NBC’S SNL last night, Times noted on the occasion of the show’s Emmy-winning 25th Anniversary.

Despite the glowing tweets and my own enjoyment of this episode, some of the reviews were lukewarm at best. Maybe people have reached the JT hype-saturation point? You can relax. As a viewer, you feel a mixture of pity, shame, and guilt for gawking. The jig heard round the world is a prime example of this. This is not to say that Timberlake is the best actor of all time, or the best singer of all time, or that he had one of the best speeches of all time of all time!

Did a slew of mighty laugh-machine robots storm the studio and shoot us with lasers until we were back in , looking much younger and enjoying Digital Shorts and Kristen Wiig before she jumped the Gilly? The material was good NuvaBling! Moey Chambon! Timberlake appeared in the cold open as Elton John is this a preview of things to come? I liked this sketch just because I am now deep in the Chavez-Mars Internet hole.

Martin Short and Dan Aykroyd were consigned to server positions.

Justin Timberlake Joins Saturday Night Live’s Five-Timers Club (VIDEOS)

The singer and actors were on hand for a celebration that carried on throughout the show and later featured the Festrunk Brothers Aykroyd and Martin in a parody of “The Dating Game” below called “It’s a Date. You can watch more clips from the show, or the entire episode, on NBC’s website. Was this Timberlake’s best performance on ‘SNL’? Think there have been better moments in “SNL” history?

Check out a round-up of the top 25 funniest “SNL” moments in our gallery, and contribute to the conversation about Timberlake’s performance and the show’s storied past in our forum. Get Daily discounts and offers on sporting events, plays, concerts, museums and other events around town.

JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE: “The 20/20 Experience” (album) same type of role he did back in the Alec Baldwin show in Season It’s a Date.

Matthews said Tom Hanks is a frequent host who is easy to work with and up to do just about anything. For comedic talents like Tom Hanks, it could be a funny portrait of him carrying a briefcase full of rubber chickens. His hair was a natural focal point for one of his portraits. She also keeps things flexible on set and lets the celebrities take a concept and run with it. I usually come armed with lots and lots of things to kind of jump off of.

This Tina Fey portrait, from September , is a re-creation of this classic cover of Esquire magazine. There are three portraits needed for each musical guest. In the last few years, Matthews has also started doing a few animated stills as she builds on a tradition that was started by her predecessor, Edie Baskin.

Steve Martin & Dan Aykroyd Bring Two Wild & Crazy Guys Back To SNL

On Saturday Mar. That fact’s no surprise. Over the years Timberlake has been a comedic master on the show, both dancing and acting with the best of ’em, and Saturday was no different.

Jimmy Fallon On His Friendship With Justin Timberlake, “SNL,” And Five Years On “The Tonight Show”. “You can’t laugh at your own sketch.”.

Some celebrities have yet to host Saturday Night Live , while others have hosted more than their fair share of times. As a former cast member and head writer for the show, Fey went on to create, write for, and even star in award-winning shows, 30 Rock and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Bill Murray is yet another former cast member who returned to host on the SNL stage five times over the years. He was a cast member from to , and his first return back as a host was in Candace Bergen is a trailblazer for this show that has often lacked in female representation.

She hosted the fourth ever episode, during its first season in Ben Affleck is one of the more recent stars to gain access to the Five Timers Club. His first stint was in as a fresh-faced year-old, and he was brought back to host twice in As both a comedic actor and a talented musician, Justin Timberlake makes the perfect host. During his most recent episode as a host in , he served double-duty by also gracing the stage as a musical guest.

An Open Letter to My Nemesis, Pete Davidson: Stop Stealing My Girlfriends

All I want is a funny episode. This episode was pretty darn funny, start to finish? Yeah, good point. Things started very inauspiciously. I was ready to pronounce this patient dead on arrival. At least Don Pardo was back to announce everyone.

The thirty-eighth season of Saturday Night Live, an American sketch comedy series, originally before the start of the season, Abby Elliott was let go after four seasons on the show. season, Host, Musical guest(s), Original air date, Ratings​/ “‘Saturday Night Live’ With Justin Timberlake is Top Episode Among Adults.

If you’re a longtime fan of Saturday Night Live , you’ve likely spent years watching talented comedic actors filter in and out of the cast. Huge stars like Will Ferrell, Tina Fey, and Eddie Murphy have become rightful legends since their time at SNL , and while some some of the show’s stars haven’t quite reached those storied heights, many of them have still gone on to change the comedy game.

Andy Samberg is the perfect example. Casual SNL viewers might just remember him as a goofy guy with floppy hair, but if you’ve ever emailed a Digital Short to any of your friends, you have Samberg to thank. But there’s a lot more to this comedian than meets the eye, and both his backstory and his current projects are incredibly fascinating. According to Biography , Andy Samberg grew up in Berkeley, California, the son of a relatively well-known photographer named Joe and an elementary school teacher named Marjorie.

However, anyone who knew him as a kid would’ve called him by a different name. As it turns out, Andy Samberg was actually born “David” Samberg, but he goes by Andy after telling his parents that he wanted to change his name at age five, a request they granted. During his junior high days in California, he met Jorma Taccone and Akiva Schaffer at Willard Junior High, and he would reunite with them years later after college.

Plus, Samberg met most of his future collaborators at a pretty young age. After graduating, Andy Samberg joined forces with his old college buddies Jorma Taccone and Akiva Schaffer, and the rest was history. Together, they formed a sketch group called “the Lonely Island,” making short comedy sketches that they filmed in their modest Los Angeles apartments.

Between their own website and a local channel in Los Angeles that aired original sketches from aspiring filmmakers, they got some attention on a smaller scale, but their big break was yet to come.

Justin timberlake snl dating show

TBT: Check in every Thursday as we throw it back to some of our favorite celebrity couples of all time. It just goes to show, one burp really can change everything. Justin and Cameron owe four years of bliss more or less to a single, immaculate, bout of gas probably.

Justin Timberlake Strikes Back at Kanye West on ‘SNL’ Dick in the Box dudes and the Wild and Crazy Guys on a dating show skit.

Happy Daylights Saving Time, y’all! Just kidding. Anyway, before DST appeared in our lives this morning, we had one final moment of joy: Justin Timberlake was hosting and the musical guest of last night’s episode of Saturday Night Live. Ladies, raise your hands if you also treated this event like a Luther Vandross and had a clean pair of Fruit of the Looms ready to throw at your TV when JT first appeared on screen? Just me? Clearly, my expectations were high and I hoped that he would bring the hilarity on the night he joined the Five Timers Club.

3-Way (The Golden Rule) (feat. Justin Timberlake & Lady Gaga)

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